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Why protecting our nation is only possible through better collaboration

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A soldier adjusts a satellite dish.

If you have follow developments in the world of defence, then you may have heard of “Multi-Domain Integration” (MDI). It's thought to be the future of UK Defence, and the only way for Britain to remain competitive in the rapidly-changing world of modern warfare. But what is it?

80 years on from the Battle of Britain, what lessons are we still trying to learn?

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WAAF plotters at work in the underground Operations Room at HQ Fighter Command, Bentley Priory, in north-west London. A senior officer studies the unfolding events from the viewing deck above.

The Dowding System was key in securing Britain’s victory in the skies during World War II, as it brought together technology, ground defences, and fighter aircraft and turned them into a unified system of defence. But what lessons does it hold today?